About As

             Our company is making the business of plastic injection molding with over 30 years experience. Started from small producer, has developed to medium sized company presently and has been receiving a reliability from various industry customer of both domestic and foreign.

            Our company is able to respond customer requirements from mold design, production and mold assembly process by skillful staff team and give an device to meet with customer requirements along with making the plastic injection molding to equipment parts such as electronic parts, wall of swimming pool, water pump parts, packaging parts as required size with injection machine from 40 ton to 1300 ton along with making a maintenance and repairing the mold which is in charge in order to control the quality of product. Presently,

           Our company has developed many ability such as staff, technology, equipment/machine in production process and maintain the quality to get certified for international standard. Besides, Our company has equitable management and social responsibility for sustainable development.


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ฉีดด้วยเชื้อเม็ด PP เครื่องขนาด 360-450 ตัน